Membrane Waterproofing

Membrane Waterproofing

To be used to waterproof in positive pressure any concrete structure like foundations, lofts, flat roofs or cement structures in general such as gutters and flashings. It replaces traditional bituminous membranes applied by flame for the under-screed waterproofing of lofts and for the vertical waterproofing of foundation walls.

Single-component, water-based liquid bituminous waterproofing. Characterized by high elasticity and excellent mechanical resistance, it can be applied by roll, brush, water squeegee or airless.

Liquid applied membranes come to the site in liquid form, which are then either sprayed or brush-applied on the surface. The liquid cures in the air to form a seamless, joint-free membrane. The thickness can be controlled by applying more of the liquid chemical per unit area.

Since the application procedure is very quick, a contractor will try and finish the entire area to be waterproofed in a single day to avoid cold joints. However, if a very large area is to be done on successive days, cold joints can easily be done by overlapping the new membrane over the old – the chemical will stick to itself readily.

These are generally considered to be superior to sheet based membranes as they are joint-free. However care must be taken in application to provide just the right thickness. The membrane can tear or break if it is too thin. The adhesion of the membrane to concrete must be good.

It can be also used for the localized restoration of cracks and lesions of old bituminous membranes. It achieves a continuous and uniform layer, without weldings, seals and joints.

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