heat reduction waterproofing

TECHNOVA WATERPROOFING PVT. LTD. Thermal Conductivity depends on material and for fluids, its Temperature and Pressure. For some materials, Thermal conductivity may also depend upon the direction of Heat transfer. For comparison purposes, conductivity under standard conditions (20°C at 1 atm) is commonly used for best services.

TECHNOVA WATERPROOFING PVT. LTD.Shreenath Thermal Insulation the Terrolock Cool Coating the Electric consumption in Ac s and other Cooling appliances reduces by 25% approx… Unlike conventional Insulation materials Terrolock stop heat from entering Building roofs by re radiating it. Terrolock Cool coating keeps the surface of your roof up to 30°C cooler which means it will be up to 10°C cooler inside your home. Environmentally green Technology utilizing 100% water based Acrylic Polymers TECHNOVA WATERPROOFING PVT. LTD..

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