Compaction Grouting

Compaction grouting, also known as low mobility grouting, is a ground improvement technique that reinforces unsuitable soils in-place and is used to remediate sinking structures or to underpin existing foundations. Compaction grouting can be performed with only 6 feet of overhead space. The process of compaction grouting involves advancing small-diameter temporary steel casing to a predetermined design depth and then pumping a stiff (low mobility, low slump) grout in controlled lifts at high pressure as the casing is gradually withdrawn. This process displaces and compacts the surrounding soil and builds high-stiffness compaction grout columns. The stiff columns, combined with the improved surrounding soils, act together to support the structure. The grouting material is mixed on-site with a mobile mixer and is injected in a controlled manner to predetermined volume, pressure or movement criteria. In some instances, compaction grout columns can be used to jack up existing structures that have undergone settlement.

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Compaction Grouting

The cost of installing or regrouting with epoxy is higher than standard grouts. However, the long term durability make this approach cost effective in the long term.It does not erode or discolour like traditional grouts.

Compaction Grouting . A very easy to use Compaction resin based material for grouting/joints-filling material for ceramic & vitreous tile, glaze tile, acid resistant bricks & tiles, kota stone, red mandana stone etc.This novel Compaction rein base grout/joints-filling compound is supplied in a three parts mortar-resin, curing agent and specially formulated powder packed in the proper ratio for easy mixing and handling. This Compaction Grout exhibits excellent adhesion to concrete/tile/brick/stone surfaces, providing permanent, sanitary, chemical resistant joints that will not shrink. The consistency of Compaction Grout permits it to be used for walls, cove base an as a bedding material for setting tiles, bricks, stones etc.

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