Duct Insulation

Providing you the best range of Duct Insulation Services in Delhi with effective & timely delivery. Duct Insulation in Delhi Being one of the trusted firms in the industry, we are highly engaged in providing a unique range of Duct Insulation  Services. The common practice to prepare the interface is empirically based and consists on …

Duct Insulation

heating and cooling energy when air ducts pass through unconditioned spaces. Insulating duct work serves to reduce this energy waste and lowers utility bills. Occupants are also more comfortable in houses with insulated ducts because heated or cooled air reaches the registers at higher or lower temperatures, respectively.

Duct  Insulation is constructed with a spring steel wire helix encapsulated in a 2 ply, air tight black inner core. Thermal efficiency is provided by fiberglass insulation encompasses the core. The outer jacket is made of tough metalized polyester film laminate, which acts as vapour barrier surface as well.

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