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Technova waterproofing The design service will include observations, recommendations on the systems and the method statements, specifications and detailed estimates. We also provide complete solutions from the initial survey through to the effective installation of systems that are worthy of long-term guarantees.
Working closely with many of the leading Construction and Architect firms utilising our experience, professional services, and full design and installation service, technova waterproofing have established itself in Commercial, Retail, Industrial and Domestic sectors


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  • Cracks develop in massive concrete due to sudden drop in ambient temperature as compared to the heat generated by the concrete.
  • Other types of cracks can develop occasionally, in cases such as freeze and thaw cycles, Alkali silica reaction or structural distress. Some of them run linear and deeper through the thickness of the member and others are short in different directions while they remain on the surface.
  • However all above cracks, if left without treatment, will make the concrete vulnerable and will lead to steel corrosion and further deterioration.
  • Before undertaking any repair, a field investigation and structural analysis should be completed in order to establish the causes of the cracks. Cracks are divided into dry cracks and Wet cracks. In this section, we are treating the linear dry cracks only; wet cracks are treated in the waterproofing section.
  • The first step in a successful repair project involves damage assessment and arriving at a proper diagnosis. All too often, by the time concrete shows obvious signs of distress, and the owner wants it fixed, it may be too late, and replacement may be more effective. Accordingly, the webinar begins with a question of when concrete should be repaired and when it is best replaced. It continues with the topics of modern damage assessment methods and then with identification and repair of various kinds of concrete problems.
  • Repairing of peeled concrete due to corrosion of the steel reinforcement? … MEGACRET-40 High-strength, fiber-reinforced repairing mortar … Corrosion of the steel reinforcement causes an increase of its volume, resulting in the creation of internal tensions and cracks in the concrete, by Technova waterproofing.


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