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Time spent planning, researching, looking at materials, ideas, designs & designers will save you time and money later. It’s better to take longer here so you Build It Right than to rush and regret it. This guide is designed to be a useful working tool for you, the homeowner, as you go through your building… This is the part that is the most fun and the most exciting… This is where you create your home in your imagination, then to design… This is where your dreams can begin to become reality… A good design process is key to a successful project. Design evolves over a period of time during which  The design and dreaming is over, now the hammer hits the nail and things start to happen. Watching your new home arise from your plans is superb and it’s now time to review things, stay on top of what’s going on and to ensure your professionals Build It Right. It’s easier than you think, so…

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